Detail Ease - Specialized Clay Mit

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Detail Ease Specialized Clay Mitt is a quick and easy way to remove bonded contamination from your paint, glass, chrome and more. Use the Clay Mitt before waxing or polishing to create a clean, decontaminated surface. Easily remove contaminants like bug splatter, industrial fallout, paint over-spray, dust, tree sap and other harmful contaminants. 
Cover a larger surface area quickly with this Specialized Mitt. The secret to the effectiveness of the Specialized Clay Mitt is the rubber like polymer coating on the one side of the mitt.
This high-tech coating lifts off bonded contaminants with ease and returns the surface to an extremely smooth and shining finish. 

  • Cuts Clay Time Process In Half
  • Clean & Reuse 20-30 Times 
  • For Use On Paint, Glass, Chrome & More
  • 17cm X 17cm Usable Clay

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