Detail Ease - Back To Black

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Detail Ease Back To Black Plastic Revive is guaranteed to restore your black plastic trimmings, to new again.

Its scientifically formulated solution penetrates deeply into the porous plastic for a long-lasting deep black colour.
Once cleaned, dried, and applied to the Back to Black solution, your plastic will now be durable to the harsh elements and expel water and dust for up to 6 months, Guaranteed! 

Back to Black is 
formulated with a special waterproofing agent to help assist with lasting deep black through months of washing and being left in the elements. 

It's as easy as... Clean, Coat, Let Dry, and Buff!!!

- Easy Application
- Each Treatment Lasts Several Months
- Expel Water & Dust
- Revive All Black Trim
- Formulated With UV Protector
Tip - Make sure to clean plastic with the Trim Prep or All Purpose Cleaner before applying Back to Black for Best Results!!

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