Detail Ease - Trim Prep

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Easily remove wax and oil from porous plastic and rubber trim, found all over door mirrors, bumper parts, window seals, front end grilles, side vents and more.
Wax and oil seep into the plastic and rubber parts, leaving a chalky white stain that just won’t come out. Trim Prep actively dissolves, cleans, and removes dried up wax from plastic and rubber trim pieces. 

Simply work Trim Prep over the desired area and agitate to restore a natural look to your trim pieces by removing waxy oils and polish that stain and discolour them. 

  • Removes Oxidation, Oil & Wax From Plastics & Rubber
  • Designed Specifically For Preparing Trim For Coatings and/or Dressings
  • Clean and Restore All Your Black Plastic Trim

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